Heroa has partnered with Operation Hope to create a North America-wide campaign.


A new story each school year
Every year the movie changes, the game evolves, and students receive a new set of exciting missions to conquer.  



Designed to support teachers
Educators lack funds and resources. Funds – our entire platform is free. Tech – we use basic technology all schools have. 


Over 200,000 students
With our partners, we’ll reach over 200,000 teens. We’ll also help low-income schools with their fundraising efforts. 


How long is the game?

The entire experience takes place over 4 weeks. Over these 4 weeks, we build anticipation, drop clues, show the movie, form teams, have teens seek sponsors, and introduce interactive elements. But the actual game only lasts one day.

How do the sponsors work?

After teens form groups, they create a profile on a website that is similar to GoFundMe and Kickstarter. The teen groups then invite their family, friends, and local businesses to sponsor them in the game. This the same model that Charity Marathons use.

How is your platform free?

School event companies can charge anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 per event. This means that only higher-income schools can afford these valuable experiences. We set out to not only make our interactive entertainment free, but to also help the school raise needed funds. 70% of the funds we raise are donated to the schools, students and our non-profit partner. The national average that school fundraising companies provide to schools is 40%. This is done by selling gifts, candy, toys, etc. Not only do we surpass the national average by giving back 70%, but we are giving the students an amazing interactive experience.

What is the grand prize for the winning team?

The team that gets the largest sponsorship gets to keep all the money they raise! The rest of the students in the school win by having a percentage of the money they raise go towards something entirely for them. Students will get to vote on how the money is used – a dance, a field trip, a sporting event, etc.

Teachers barely have any time as it is

Our platform is not a daily program but a yearly event that requires minimal involvement from teachers. It is an opportunity for teachers to connect with their students in a unique way.

Most schools don't have the latest tech needed for alternative programs

Many Education Technology companies requires the latest tablets or individual computers. Our platform is designed the game to work with basic technology that all schools have access to.

A game can't help these kids

Gangs, drugs, and rebellion reward teens with belonging, respect, and strength. We need to match these rewards. Our solutions:

Need for belonging: Teens join a team with their peers

Need for respect: Our style matches popular video games and action movies. The better teens do, the more respect they receive.

Need to rebel: Our missions are not silly education games. Our missions push teens to challenge themselves and find their inner hero.

Teens quit things

Our game isn’t just an animated math program. Our game is an interactive adventure that is tailored to the interests of teens. Also, our missions are designed to help teens increase their confidence. Missions start simply and increase in difficulty – just like a video game. And just like a video game, we offer rewards to keep teens motivated.

Teens resist alternative programs

Our focus is to connect with teens at their level – not force them into something that they don’t care for.


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