Providing high-school students with movies that become real-world games

40% of teens
teens come from
low-income families

 They’re at greater risk of:
+ dropping out + using drugs
+ committing crimes

To overcome these challenges teens
need to develop their inner strength
and find their inner hero.

Real-world games help teens become real-life heroes

Teens watch a movie that ends on a cliffhanger.
+ Teens enter a real-world game and complete missions related to the topic of the movie.

How do teens play real-world games and become heroes?

When the movie ends, teens enter a game to finish the story and conquer a threat

Conquer the Game
Students have 6 weeks to solve clues, complete missions, and finish the game

Win Rewards
Teens get a prize pack when they finish the game and become the hero 

School Details

Free to all
No catch – becoming a hero should be accessible to all youth  

Minimal time for teachers – simply click play  

Our partners help us reach over 200,000 teens 

We donate funds from sponsors to underfunded schools 

Learn how you can help teens become heroes